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At RaiseMore, our mission is to empower nonprofits and organizations to thrive in the digital age by supplying high quality websites & landing pages

Our Team is Dedicated to Helping Nonprofits

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We understand the vital role that technology plays in amplifying your impact and connecting you with supporters worldwide. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing intuitive and powerful website solutions tailored specifically for nonprofits.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to help you achieve your goals

We are driven by a deep commitment to the causes that nonprofits champion. From healthcare and education to environmental conservation and humanitarian efforts, we believe in the power of technology to advance these causes.

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Our Mision is to Help You Grow Your Businness - RaiseMore
About Us

Core Values

Our team is passionate about supporting your organization's unique mission and helping you make a meaningful difference in the world.

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We deeply understand and stand with you, offering unwavering support on your journey.

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We're pioneers, continuously innovating to empower your nonprofit with cutting-edge solutions.

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Through collaboration, we amplify our collective impact, creating meaningful change.

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We operate with unwavering honesty, providing clear communication and open access to information.

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We're dedicated to your success, going the extra mile to support and equip you.

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Continuous Learning

In a changing digital landscape, we prioritize continuous learning to keep you ahead.


We Love Working with Nonprofits

Behind RaiseMore is a dedicated team of designers, developers, and nonprofit enthusiasts who are passionate about making a positive impact

About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs provide clear and concise guidance for common questions about RaiseMore's platform, services, and pricing

What is RaiseMore and how can it help my nonprofit?

RaiseMore is designed to empower nonprofits with user-friendly tools and professional templates to enhance your online presence and mission impact.

Do I need technical skills to use RaiseMore's website editor?

No coding skills required! Our editor is designed for ease of use, even if you're not tech-savvy.

Does RaiseMore support online fundraising and donations?

Yes, we do. Easily collect donations and sell merchandise directly from your website.

Can I track website performance and visitor analytics?

Certainly! Monitor visitor behavior and gain insights to refine your online strategy.

How can I get support and assistance?

Access our support team and resources for prompt assistance.

What are the pricing options for RaiseMore's services?

Explore our flexible pricing plans tailored to your nonprofit's needs on our Pricing page.

Can I customize the website design to match my nonprofit's brand?

Absolutely! Choose from design templates and personalize colors, fonts, and styles to align with your branding.

Are there SEO tools to improve my website's visibility?

Yes, we offer SEO tools for better search engine visibility.

Are RaiseMore Websites mobile-friendly?

Absolutely, your website will look great on mobile devices.

Does RaiseMore provide training for effective platform use?

Yes, we offer training resources to ensure your success.

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